Saturday, November 20, 2010

Armenia with my friends and cousin

My dear friend, Achik (Anna), went to Armenia from Iran to spend time with me. Of course, her sister, Armineh, and her family live in Yerevan but she planned her visit around my trip.
My lovely cousin, Mona, lives in Yerevan with her daughter and grandchild. Mona is a young and cool grandmother :)
Aida is another wonderful friend who is from Armenia. We spent fantastic time together.
We created beautiful memories.
Armen Minassian is the grandson of the legendary actor, Arman. Armen is an architect and lives in Yerevan with his family.
Also, I met many of my friends from Los Angeles area.
I rented a cute single apartment on Sayat Nova Street. My friends and I truly enjoyed the balcony :)
Another memorable moment was being present during the Apricot Armenian Film Festival. I saw Claudia Cardinale from close and said, "Che bella!" She looked at me and smiled.
Who would have thought one day I would meet Claudia in Armenia.
On July 15 I traveled to two villages and photographed the families who receive aid from an organization under the supervision of Armineh Petrossian. She is a caring person who does a great assessment of each family's needs. It was a very interesting experience. Listening to their stories was very touching.

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