Saturday, November 20, 2010

Armenian Diaspora Symposium

What a productive day! After working at my school for 2 hours I went to the International symposium about the Armenian diaspora at USC.
I met George Deukmejian.
There were many educated professors and journalists who spoke.
Mark Arax was the award-winning journalist from Fresno who talked about his experience as a journalist at L.A. Times and his views of the Armenian culture.
Garin Hovannisian was in the audience. He is Professor Richard Hovannisian's grandson, Rafi's son. Garin is very young and has already published a book called "Family of Shadows".
In 1988 Garin was participating in a demonstration at Los Angeles City College. He was probably 2 years old. I took a photo of him holding a sign "One Nation One Republic". That photo was publish in the Armenian magazine called 80s (Outsounagan). The editor and publisher was Ishkhan Jinbashian.
Last July when I was in Armenia I saw Rafi and Armineh Hovannisian, Garin's parents.
Armineh remembered that photo.
I am so proud of Hovannisian's family.

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