Do Objects Die?


I still use

the things I bought

many years ago

the scissors

music tapes

shirts and dresses

My towel


how many times

they’ve been washed

gone through

the cycle

still functional


but wait

how about



so many are



I wish

he was

My towel


© Karine Armen

July 21, 2007




May we have peace

on earth

in our countries

with our colleagues

with our neighbors

in our families

with our relatives

within us


May we have

healthy bodies for a good life

the wisdom for a fulfilling life

the power to empower the weak

the strength to handle crisis

the wisdom to choose correctly

the self-esteem to guide others

the self-love to love others


 Free from ego

             may we be

strong enough to bring



Poem by Karine Armen

September 16, 2009

During the Peace Tent activities

Pasadena, California




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Very nice!