Monday, June 1, 2015

                The Pulsing Heart-Beat of Seta Injeyan’s Paintings

Exhibiting at Silvana Gallery artist Seta Injeyan’s series ‘Indivisible Vibrations of Heart and Light’ echoes the heart-beat of memory and inner light as the coalescing borderless energy in us all. Translucent amber reds, juxtaposed Perspective Surreal images mirrors among past, present and future, poetry-inspired brush color paintings and youthful see-through abstract greens are for Seta Injeyan a way of exploring the unifying cosmic energy we know as life.

History for Injeyan is crucial to her work. It enables her to share historical references and their implications for the present, and upcoming future. Her readings of turn-of-the-20th-Century Armenian poet Daniel Varoujan’s work play into the theme of many of her paintings. “When reading him,” says Injeyan, “I am inspired to be daring with reds. I could not use colors this way had it not been for Varoujan’s poetry.” Her work bridges art, literature and society with that of Daniel Varoujan’s poetry of the psyche.

In several of her exhibiting works a painted side mirror becomes a mediator between a new horizon ahead and memory. The mirror takes on a metaphorical expression becoming the looking glass representing past as a lived experience and the search to construct new paths that can bring hope. Injeyan’s paintings titled Heart and Soul, Life Force and Heart as Vessel all explore the energy of the heart and its relation to all aspects of human expression. 

In her painting titled ‘Song of My Heart’ Injeyan is inspired by two of Varoujan’s anthology  of poems, Song of The Nation and Song of the Bread. It is a painting with Varoujan’s image, an indivisible pulsing-red aura shaped as a heart and a galaxy-shaped basket cosmically radiating extraordinary brush strokes of yellow, red and blue hues. 
It is Injeyan’s way of paying homage to one of Armenia’s most important poets of the 20th Century, Daniel Varoujan killed at the age of 31 at the start of the 1915 Armenian Genocide  by the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

Seta Injeyan roots herself to her history, to her culture and humanity. Her work is particular and universal at the same time. Her work is a self reflecting call for harmony, sensibility and peace.
About the artist:  Seta Injeyan is a Los Angeles-based artist.  She has B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design.  She has had many solo exhibitions and won many best-of-show awards.  She has introduced the  genre of Perspective Surrealism into modern art. 
Silvana Gallery 1731 West Glenoaks Blvd. Glendale, CA 91201  818-662-7070

Jimmy Centeno, M.A.
Latin-American Writer and Artist,
May 22, 2015

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