Saturday, December 26, 2020


       My friends tell me that I am a good tour guide.  I am the one who introduces them to new places around Los Angeles. When I travel, I discover new places that the locals don't know.

      Thanks to the pandemic, I don't have any events or parties to attend.  So, my choices are limited.  I have discovered different neighborhoods of Glendale, California where I have been living since June of 1985.  Yesterday I took a walk in the Hollywood hills.  By coincidence, I ended up really close to the famous Hollywood sign.  After many years of living close to Los Angeles, I learned how to get there. 

     There have been many frustrating and sad things that took place in 2020. I really miss going to art galleries and concerts.  I listen to music and watch concerts on YouTube.  In April I decided to take daily walks in different areas of Glendale. Then I walked in neighboring cities. I enjoy walking in Old Pasadena. Architecture fascinates me, especially when homes are built on hills.

     It is refreshing to see where I live from a new perspective.  I teach my second graders "point of view" and how characters solve problems.  We can use a new point of view and solve the challenges caused by the pandemic. Walking, thinking, remembering places from my childhood and travels, and reflecting on relationships are calming for me.  Life is too short to be a pessimist.  As a teacher, I need to be a good role model for my students. I need to be happy during my Zoom classes. It's interesting how much more there is to discover in our backyards.  Los Angeles County is big with many interesting cities and neighborhoods.  I am still learning new things and I love sharing what I learn.


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