Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus and self-discipline

It has been few weeks that we hear about coronavirus.  During the last two weeks there has been a lot of time about self-isolation.

I like to call it self-discipline.  For one day I enjoyed staying in my PJ, but after that I decided to be dressed and ready to work at home.  Work includes reading, cleaning, exercising, watching the news, and social media. I realized that taking a shower, getting dressed, and even wearing perfume is good for me.  I am the one to needs to take care of me.  I call this Me Time.  Well-groomed Me Time is essential for us. Being clean and presentable is not for just others, it's for me.

My spiritual and mental well being is as important as my physical health.

Let's have self-discipline during the times of crisis.  We can not just survive but thrive.

This photo was taken on Feb. 25, 20. 

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