Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Today I took a walk in Old Pasadena.  It brought back many sweet memories. 

It has just been a few weeks since we have been learning about the coronaviurs.  Everyday something new changes and affects our lives.  It is my school spring break.  The Glendale Unified School District decided to extend the break for another week to prevent the spread of this novel and unpredictable virus.  I have been spending a lot of time at home but I have gone out to buy food.  Today was sunny after a few days of rain so I wanted to take a walk.

First, seeing the famous Twin Palms Restaurants in ruins made me sad.  I have very nice memories of going there in the 1990s.  It was the hang out place for many singles.  It looked really run down.  Nobody wants to do business there.  It has gone through several different ownerships.  In a flash back moment I had some images from those fun days run through my mind.  The bands, the crowds, the friends...

Then I walked on the deserted streets.  Cheesecake Factory was completely empty during lunch time.  Mi Piace was closed.  My friends and I went to Mi Piace regularly.  Old Pasadena was the happening place in the late 90s. 

An overwhelming feeling of sadness took me over as a result of so many changes in the world today. It felt like everybody is being punished.  Rich and poor have to pay a price.  But at the same time I also felt happy and contented that I was able to walk.  I felt grateful to have had those fun and unforgettable memories.  I will always cherish the good days.

I hope my simple walk experience of today would help many people engage in some self-reflection, be appreciative of and value their good health, and all of the people around them.  I will not take the blessings of my life for granted.

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