Friday, January 5, 2024

Inner Heaven, Foreword by Dr. G.


photo by Karine Armen

From the few recollections and summaries of experiences that I read, I can admiringly state that Berjik Kurkjian-Giragossian is a truly amazing person, daughter, sister, mother, and grandparent. She exemplifies, in my mind, an eternally curious learner of life who relentlessly goes after knowledge for her own genuine joy as well as for the good of society. She is furthermore a great example of an Armenian/Iranian woman with not only a strong desire for self-education but also the aptitude and persistence necessary to express all her ideas in very meticulous ways that are usually found primarily in scientific studies. Berjik has turned a catastrophic event such as the Armenian Genocide and its devastating consequences that led to the displacement of her family of origin into a fertile ground for introspection and philanthropy that is on par with Victor Frankl’s search for meaning. She, therefore, proves to be one of the few intellectuals in her society who have pursued knowledge and understanding of world matters not from an obligation following a degree but from an inner obligation sprung from love and appreciation for humankind despite the horrifying adversity affecting her past. To that extent, her insight is awe-inspiring, and her self-awareness is exquisite. She amazes me, and her work summons my appreciation for the affection she has for humanity and the efforts she has invested in her writings for the benefit of a healthy society.

Ehsan Gharadjedaghi, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Founder and Chairman of the board of Norooz Clinic Foundation

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