Monday, January 22, 2024

Pianist Senekeremian

Text and photo by Karine Armen

Talented pianist Harout Senekeramian delivered a captivating recital at The Colburn School of Music's Zipper Concert Hall in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 21.

Senekeremian's introduction to the world of piano began under the guidance of Vache Mankerian, his first piano teacher, who imparted virtuosity techniques. By the age of nine, Harout commenced piano lessons at the esteemed Colburn School of Performing Arts. Over the years, he participated in numerous master classes led by renowned pianists, cultivating his musical prowess.

Senekeremian enjoys performing challenging pieces, especially music composed by contemporary composers. He said, “I always include a few pieces by George N. Gianopoulos in my recitals.” Therefore, played Ten Selections from L’Enfant Terrible, Opus 40 by Gianopoulos.  

Beyond conventional repertoire, Senekeremian has delved into the solo piano compositions of French maestro Charles-Valentin Alkan, exploring non-traditional musical dimensions. His musical journey extends to both solo performances and chamber concerts across Southern California, showcasing his enduring dedication to the art of piano.

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